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Ductless Systems for Efficiency and Comfort
Ductless heating and cooling systems provide superior performance with a wide range of benefits.

Ductless Heating and Cooling
Ductless heat pumps and air conditioners are an efficient and customized way to control the temperature inside various areas of the home, and SunnySide Heating and Air Conditioning offers professional service and installation on all Toronto ductless heating and cooling systems. Whether you are in need of emergency repairs or you’d like to upgrade your traditional HVAC system with ductless solutions, we can assist you with all aspects of your needs to ensure a comfortable and efficient indoor environment.
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Ductless Systems for Customized Temperature Control
While  many homes have traditional forced air heating and cooling systems,  ductless systems continue to grow in popularity for the many benefits  that they offer. Ductless heating products and cooling units allow you  to maximize the efficiency and comfort of your indoor spaces, and with  our ductless HVAC services, you can expect to receive:
Versatile Control: Ductless cooling and heating systems  allow for individualized control of the temperature in your home by  creating zoned spaces that can be custom-programmed according to your  preferences for each area.
Energy Savings: As one of the most cost-efficient HVAC systems,  ductless systems increase home efficiency and reduce utility costs by  allowing you to have control over which areas are being heated or cooled  in the home.
Improved Air Quality: Air ducts can be a breeding ground for  microbes, allergens, and contaminants that reduce indoor air quality,  but a ductless system eliminates this issue with its innovative design.
High-Efficiency Heat Pump
With  the High-Efficiency Heat Pump, you can enjoy high heat capabilities at  low ambient temperatures. In fact, it offers some of the greatest  efficiency that you can find in any ductless heating pump on the market  today. Best of all, this product is known for its industry-leading  quality and reliability.
Heat Pump
At  Toronto Heating and Air Conditioning, we understand that each of our  customers has different efficiency and budget needs, so we offer Heat  Pumps as a more cost-effective solution. This system is also ideal for  homes that don’t need high heat capabilities between furnace uses.

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At  Toronto Heating and Air Conditioning, we have the skills, experience,  and resources to handle all HVAC service needs—including repairs,  installation, and maintenance for ductless systems. Learn more about our  expertise and the services that we offer by giving us a call today, or  request more information now by filling out our simple online form.
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