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Understand your efficiency options
Furnace efficiency is measured by the proportion of used fuel that actually returns to you as heat. We only sell and install high efficiency furnaces (although we service all makes and models) because they’re the best financial options in every scenario. If your family doesn’t need the most cutting edge, ask about our 2-stage furnace options. Even our least efficient model still exceeds government requirements by a full 5%.

ECM Motor
At 95% AFUE (efficiency), our entry-level model is significantly more efficient than required by new government standards.
Variable-Speed ECM Motor
The most efficient 2-stage motor available, achieving 96% AFUE (efficiency) and near silent operation.
Variable Speed Constant Airflow ECM Motor
Up to 98% efficient, the greatest level of efficiency a gas furnace can achieve.
Efficient New Furnaces
Whether  you’ve built a new home or your old furnace is simply beyond repair, we  have a large selection of premium new furnaces from which you can  choose. Our experts can help you select the right fit for your budget,  the size of your home, and your energy goals. Best of all, we pair all  of our products with professional furnace installation services.

Quick Furnace Repairs
A  broken furnace on the coldest day of the year can leave you with frozen  pipes and an unhappy family. Fortunately, SunnySide Heating and Air  Conditioning has 24/7 availability and same-day service, so no matter  the day or time, we can get to your home quickly to provide you with an  effective furnace repair.

Furnace Installation Experts
As  part of SunnySide Heating and Air Conditioning’s commitment to  excellence for your HVAC needs, we can provide you with quick and  efficient furnace installation services to make sure you won’t ever be  left out in the cold. Although we can work fast to get your system  operating again, you never have to worry about quality being compromised  for the sake of speed. We always take the time to ensure the optimal  energy efficiency and performance of our products—guaranteed!

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Furnace Maintenance for Long-Lasting Use
If  you don’t take care of your furnace with regular maintenance, you could  find yourself without heat in the middle of the winter, resulting in  the need for inconvenient and expensive emergency services. Routine  furnace maintenance isn’t something that the average homeowner should  attempt alone, so ensure a safe outcome by leaving this task to our  highly trained technicians.

Learn More About Our High-Efficiency Furnaces
If  you want to find out more about the benefits of our products and  services, feel free to contact the professionals of SunnySide Heating  and Air Conditioning. You can call to speak with one of our experts  about your needs, or we can get back to you with a free, no-obligation  estimate after you submit our simple online form.
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