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As a Toronto resident, you understand the importance of good AC, especially during those hot summer months. When the hot weather rolls around, you may be surprised to find that your AC isn’t working like it should. Don’t fret.  Toronto Heating, & Cooling has the expertise to keep you cool all season long, no matter what your issue is. With over two decades of experience, we’re well versed in home services and always deliver on customer service. Call us today and let us be your number one AC service company.

Here is a list of the following cooling services we offer:

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Signs You Need Professional Help with Your AC

Your air conditioning is one of the comforts you rely on a daily basis. It keeps your family cool and comfortable even when the weather outside feels too hot to handle. Knowing when to call an air conditioning contractor is important so that you can catch these problems before they get out of hand. Don’t wait until you’re uncomfortable, call us if:

No matter the issue, our technicians are equipped to assist you and make sure that you’re comfortable year round. Don’t wait and suffer through the hot weather, call our Westchester team right away!


When to Replace Your Air Conditioner

Installing a new AC system can be nerve-wracking. It’s a big upfront investment and you want to be sure to choose a system that serves you and is able to meet your demands. We will never recommend replacing a system we think can still work for you. Here are some signs you should consider when deciding whether it’s time for a new system:

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Promotions and Rebates

We strive to provide resources to our customers to keep the maintenance and installation of our products affordable. Explore our current promotions, rebates and financing options.