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If your furnace is starting to show signs of aging, don’t delay before replacing it. Call us for furnace installation and replacement services in GTA and surrounding Areas.

Let’s face it – Canadian winters are brutal. They bring inclement weather and frigid temperatures that require a fully functioning furnace to keep your house comfortable all season. If your system is starting to show signs of aging or you detect issues that signal the unit needs to be replaced, it’s important to schedule furnace installation services as soon as possible. Call Toronto Heating & Air Conditioning for appointments in Toronto, ON and surrounding Areas. We offer same-day appointments and straightforward pricing.

Signs Your Furnace Needs To Be Replaced

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Benefits of Installing a New Furnace

When you install a new furnace in your home, you have peace of mind that your unit will likely not need repairs in the near future. There are also other benefits, including:


Some Useful Guidelines For Furnace Replacement

It can be difficult to differentiate between the need for furnace replacement and furnace repairs. If you’re wondering whether you’re due for a new unit, there are several factors to consider. First, look at your furnace’s age. Most devices have a lifespan of about 15 to 20 years, so if yours is at least that old, it may be time for replacement. And If you haven’t been keeping up with routine furnace service throughout your furnace’s life, it may need replacing far sooner, as neglecting the need for repairs, cleaning, and other care will likely lead to a shorter lifespan. If you notice that your energy bills have suddenly increased, your furnace may be working overtime when it shouldn’t be. Furnaces are one of the biggest energy consumers in homes. Old or poorly maintained furnaces tend to perform less efficiently, consuming more energy and requiring more from your wallet than a newer, well-maintained unit.

Does your furnace need frequent repairs? If you feel like you’re constantly in need of a furnace fix, it may be time to retire your unit. The cost of required repairs should also be considered. A good general rule is that if the cost of repairs is equal to or more than the total cost of a new furnace, purchasing a new device is probably the best option. Furnaces can present a variety of problems, from foul or worrisome odors and strange noises coming from your furnace to obvious leaks, corrosion, and damage. Frequent cycling of the device, a home that doesn’t heat well or evenly, and having an abnormal amount of dust in the home are also signs that you may need a new furnace.

Efficient Furnace Replacement Service

Whether you have a gas furnace, oil furnace, or electric furnace, you can depend on Toronto Heating and Air Conditioning to provide exceptional furnace service. We are your local furnace contractor, proudly serving the Toronto, Ontario community since 1999. The process of getting a new furnace may seem daunting, but when you work with us, we offer our expert assistance every step of the way. Need help deciding which furnace is right for your home, budget, and heating needs? Our professionals can advise you on various unit options, and inform you of factors to consider as you decide on a replacement furnace. And if you’re worried about the installation process, we guarantee prompt, accurate service, with no residual mess left behind in your home. Our technicians are top-notch, providing only the most comprehensive, correct, and cost-effective solutions for all of your furnace needs. We value our customers and the quality of our service, and make every effort to make our customers feel safe and satisfied when they need furnace help.

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